There are numerous place for good decent food in Doraville. However, there is one little spot that serves you tasty Southeast Asian dishes hidden in the corner at foodcourt of Super H Mart in Doraville.

T1 Bento & Grill operators are former owners of a Malaysian restaurant in Duluth, Georgia. This place now serves Hong Kong, Thai and Malaysian dishes.

I recommend trying several of their signature dishes.

Egg Rice Noodle / Wah-Tan-Ho
There is not a place in metro Atlanta that could match this dish prepared here. Smooth egg gravy stir fried with rice noodles. It is best to order the dish with seafood or pork due to light nature of gravy.

“Dried” Wanton Noodle / Kon-Loh Wan-Tan-Mee
This “dried” version of wanton noodle is a signature Malaysian Chinese dish. This place comes close to serving it like in Malaysia. It is best to savor the dish with green chili condiment or sambal belacan paste.

Curry Noodle
A bowl of yellow noodle served with chicken, egg plants, green bean, bean sprouts and a hearty spicy coconut curry sauce. It is ideal to enjoy this dish when the weather is cold. Don't forget to ask for sambal belacan paste to go with the dish.

Salt and Pepper Squid
Although you could find this dish almost in every Chinese restaurant, this dish comes out springy and tasty.

Belacan String Beans
String beans sautéed with belacan (fermented shrimp paste/”kah-peet”). This is a simple Malaysian home cooked dish is served with steamed white rice.

Prices starts from $8.99 and the operator accepts major credit card payment. Food orders are generally ready within 5-10 minutes upon ordering. Since it is in a food court environment, be prepared to wait for a table during busy weekends.

T1 Bento & Grill
6035 Peachtree Rd
Super H Mart
Doraville, GA 30341
Opens daily: 10:00am – 8:00pm