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Latest Episode: Episode 28

SungKhom Lao explores AAPI Heritage Month celebrations in metro Atlanta

SungKhom Lao's Elizabeth Bee Vichathep and Amy Chomthakam explores AAPI Heritage Month celebrations in metro Atlanta.

Previous Episodes:

Episode 27

Guest Podcaster: Elizabeth Bee Vichatep

SungKhom Lao speaks with Elizabeth Bee Vichatep on her journey to a professional career in homecare

Episode 26

Guest Podcaster: Thavone Phommavongsa Huinil, Licensed Therapist & Coach

Sungkhom Lao speaks with Thavone Phommavongsa Huinil, Licensed Therapist & Coach, on the importance of mental health awareness and counseling in AAPI and Laotian community.

Episode 25

Guest Podcaster: Elizabeth Bee Vichatep & Lao dance

Sungkhom Lao featuring Elizabeth Bee Vichatep, a new addition to Sungkhom Lao podcast team. Elizabeth is active within the Laotian community promoting Laotian culture and dance to the young generations.

Episode 24

Guest Podcaster: Mayor Soubanh Phanthay of Brewer, Maine

SungKhom Lao speaks with Mayor Soubanh Phanthay of Brewer, Maine on his Laotian heritage and his upbringing as a immigrant refugee in the Northeast.

Episode 23

SungKhom Lao highlights traditional taboos and outdated customs affecting modern Laotian lifestyles in US

Episode 22

Guest Podcaster: Mayor Xay Khamsyvoravong

SungKhom Lao chat with Mayor Xay Khamsyvoravong-City of Newport, Rhodes Island, on his Lao heritage and his role as Mayor of an American city.

Episode 21

Guest Podcaster: Anne Rithxmay

SungKhom Lao speaks with Anne Rithxmay, Laotian entrepreneur and Director of M&S HomeCare Services 48847

Episode 20

Sung Khom Lao provide insights to record breaking midterm elections where 10 AAPI representatives were elected to Georgia Legislature.

Episode 19

Guest Podcaster: KP Phagnasay

Sungkhom Lao speaks with KP Phagnasay, Lao actor, director, and film producer. KP has a lead role in the NetFlix hit “Monster” in which he plays the father of Laotian victims.

Episode 18

Guest Podcaster: Tina Maharath

SungKhom Lao speaks with Ohio State Senator, Tina Maharath (D-Columbus) on her background and her inspiration to run for office.

Episode 17

Guest Podcaster: Viengkhong Ed Thepsouvanh

Sungkhom Lao speaks with Viengkhong Ed Thepsouvanh, JMA, on various benefits and Medicare enrollment

Episode 16

Guest Podcaster: Long Tran

SungKhom Lao speaks with Long Tran, Georgia House Representative District 80 candidate on the importance of Laotian community voting in the 2022 midterm elections

Episode 15

Guest Podcaster: Yotin Srivanjarean

SungKhom Lao speaks with Yotin Srivanjarean on the latest update on CPACS scandal & firing of senior management team. Impact on Lao community.

Episode 14

Guest Podcaster: Soukhy Clark

SungKhom Lao speaks with Soukhy Clark, a successful Laotian entrepreneur in assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing and rehabilitation communities. Soukhy is a Laotian women entrepreneur who established herself as a leader in the senior living and continues care communities.

Episode 13

Guest Podcaster: Sinakone Keodara

SungKhom Lao speaks with Sinakone Keodara, CEO/Founder of BodiGuard, an app design to provide bodyguard protection services for AAPI individuals.

Episode 12

Guest Podcaster: Christine Soundara

Sungkhom Lao speaks with Christine Soundara, Founder, Laotian Dance Association. She share insights to the founding of the dance group and her organization's mission to empower the youths within the community.

Episode 11

Guest Podcaster: Jimmy Keokongsy

SungKhom Lao speaks with Jimmy Keokongsy, Co-Founder, Advancing Asian American PAC. Jimmy shares the newly established organization mission and approach to amplifying AAPI political representations in elected positions.

Episode 10

Guest Speaker: Ann Rithmyxay

SungKhom Lao speaks with Ann Rithmyxay on mental health challenges and issues in the Laotian community.

Episode 9

Guest Speaker: Thip Athakankh

SungKhom Lao speaks with Thip Athakankh, co-owner and chef at SnackBox Bistro, an emerging and popular Lao cuisine restaurant with locations in Doraville and Duluth.

Episode 8

Guest Podcaster: Jimmy Keokongsy

SungKhom Lao chat with Jimmy Keokongsy, Board member of Jai Lao Foundation on his latest community contribution and activism. Jimmy also share his latest venture launch of Advancing Asian American PAC. He also share his passion for Fendi fashion and share his experience from his recent visit to Milan.

Episode 7

Guest Speaker: Ann Rithmyxay

SungKhom Lao speaks with Ann Rithmyxay, Dir of Home Healthcare Services, M&S Homecare Services. Rithmyxay, a long time community advocate and supporter of Laotian American community shares her stories on uniting the community in Georgia.

Episode 6

Guest Podcaster: Annie

SungKhom Lao chat with a dynamic Laotian American entrepreneur who started her own fitness studio. Annie shares her journey as an entrepreneur and perspective of growing up as a Laotian American second generation in USA.

Episode 5

Guest Podcaster: Jaesen Khounthalangsy

Amy & Dao chat with Jaesen Khounthalangsy, President, Laotian American Society of Georgia on his plans for the organization in the coming year.

Episode 4

Guest Podcaster: Jimmy Athakhanh

Amy and Dao speaks with Jimmy Athakhanh, a Royal Lao Veteran, who inspires the community by continuing to serve the community with Wheels of Meals program.

Episode 3

Guest Speaker: Supha Xayprasith-Mays

Episode 3 feature an exclusive interview with Lao American who is running for the Governor of Arkansas. Supha Xayprasith-Mays shares her inspiration run to potentially become the first woman of color of an American state.

Episode 2

Guest Podcaster: Sam Thirakoune

Discussion on Laotian community in metro Atlanta and Georgia. An entertaining chat by Amy & Dao on latest community news, useful bits of info and entertainment. The 2nd episode feature Sam Thirakoune, a talented young musician who specializes in traditional Lao music. This is Georgia Asian Times podcast.

Episode 1

Guest Podcaster: Nimnouane Lengsavath

SUNGKHOM LAO's premiere episode feature discussion on Laotian community in metro Atlanta and Georgia. An entertaining chat by Amy & Dao on latest community news, useful bits of info and entertainment. Guest of honor is Nimnouane Lengsavath. This is Georgia Asian Times podcast.

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