Steven Zhenhua Gu
– Mergers & Acquisition-Tax, KPMG LLP
– President, National Association of Chinese Americans (NACA)

Steven Gu is a seasoned business professional who understand the inner working of Chinese corporate investments into the U.S. Since August 2006, Gu has been advising international clients on issues related to mergers and acquisition at KPMG LLP. His wide portfolio of work includes IPOs, private equity ventures, leverage buyouts, bankruptcy, due diligence, and etc.

Gu has been involved with several key KPMG deals including the largest M&A transaction in telecommunication industry and the fifth largest bankruptcy restructuring deal in the U.S. He also plays a key role in KPMG US China Practice where he assist Chinese companies seeking access to U.S. markets specifically expanding markets, raising capitals or engaging in mergers and acquisition transactions. In collaboration with member firms in China, he also assists U.S. companies implement cross borders investments strategies and navigate the associated risks in China.

Steven graduated in 1999 with a law degree from Southwestern University Financial and Economics in Chengdu, China. Upon graduation, he joined Central Bank of China as an in-house legal counsel. He was later transferred to China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) and worked in the foreign investment division until 2002. He later moved to U.S. to pursue a Masters degree in law. In 2006, Steven graduated with a Masters law degree from University of Florida in Gainesville.

A member of the National Association of Chinese Americans (NACA) since 2006. Steven was attracted by NACA’s mission and effort in promoting understanding and ties with China.

“I was recruited to join NACA in 2007 by then President Henry Yu. NACA has helped me in my personal growth and professional development,” said Gu.

NACA members and its Board of Directors elected Steven as NACA’s President since 2010.

One of Steven’s major accomplishment during his tenure is the NACA inaugural U.S.- China Business Conference held in November 2010. The conference attracted over 250 participants from all around the country and China. Mayor Kaseem Reed of Atlanta was a keynote speaker at the conference.

NACA Biz Conf“I am most proud of the fact that the conference are able to attract top notch speakers and business people. It also provided a genuine platform for business people to network and to learn about the fast changing Chinese economy,” said Gu proudly.

“Atlanta desperately need a platform where businesses can update themselves about China’s economy. I believed NACA has delivered a quality conference given that it is only the inaugural event,” he added.

Amongst the various NACA projects that he has been working on with other members is a Business Mentorship Program. The goal is to match young Asian professionals with a mentee and to mentor them in their professional growth, according to Gu.

Gu and NACA Board of Directors have been busy matching mentees with qualified candidates as mentors in the past month. The official selection of the program will be announced on February 2 at the annual NACA Lunar New Year banquet.

“The NACA mentorship program is an important step to lay the foundation in grooming future generation of leaders. It is also an important strategy for NACA to draw membership into the organization,” explains Steven.

In addition to NACA responsibilities, Steven carry a heavy workload and wide range of high ranking China related activities. He was invited to attend activities related to China’s President Hu Jintao state visit in Washington DC in January 2011. Steven was also invited to attend event honoring China’s Premier Wen Jiabao in November 2010.

NACA was the only Chinese organization in Georgia commissioned in the planning the of the first trade mission to China by Atlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed and members of Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce in March 2012.

Nanjing Atlnta MOU“With the collaboration of the Atlanta Mayor’s office, Invest Atlanta, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, NACA is able to assist in organizing a business focused schedule for the 46-member delegation to visit Shenzhen-Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Nanjing,” said Steven.

NACA plans to organize more business related trade mission to China in the coming years to promote economic development for metro Atlanta and Georgia. On the personal note, Steven is currently posted to Beijing by KPMG Outbound Acquisition Practice for several months assignment.

“There are a lot deals on the horizon – I am just happy to be part of the team to facilitate the transactions,” said Steven.

To learn more on NACA, visit www.naca-atlanta.org

Steven Gu (far right) with Mayor Kaseem Reed of Atlanta and Mayor Cai Qi of Hangzhou.