P1040268Stella Kim

Community Risk Reduction
Public Information and Education
Gwinnett County Department of Fire & Emergency Services  


Stella Kim was two years old when her parents immigrated from South Korea to the U.S. She grew up assimilated to the American schools and its way of life.

Stella attended the University of Georgia and graduated with a major in Comparative Literature. Upon graduation, Stella decided to try her hand in teaching as she enjoys parting her knowledge with others.

An opportunity came in the form of employment as an English teacher in Korea.

She was happy experiencing life as an overseas Korean teaching English in her parents native land.  When her contract as an English teacher completed, Stella actively seeks out new opportunities.

“A friend had told me of a job posting by Gwinnett Fire Department seeking bilingual expertise in training,” said Kim.

Stella applied and was hired for her Korean bilingual language skills along with her teaching experiences in February 2013.

“My duties included disseminating important information and educating the minority communities in Gwinnett County on all aspects of fire safety,” said Stella.

Stella spent countless hours getting in touch with community leaders through churches, cultural events, fundraising, dinners, and gatherings.

Her objective is to introduce free programs including fire safety classes, CPR, day care safety, and car seat inspections to the growing multicultural communities in Gwinnett.

“I would like for the community to benefit from the wonderful programs that we offered including the free smoke alarm installations.”

Stella had the distinction being the first Asian American woman fire personnel working in Gwinnett County.

“It has been a lot of fun working here. I also have witness many “eye-opening” situations that prevent injuries during safety training to the public.”

With the summer season in full swing, Stella has been working closely with Safe Kids Gwinnett, a non-profit organization, educating safety programs to children under the age of fourteen.

“Water safety and drowning prevention are the key topics that we teach to the kids.”

Stella is also working hard to educate Asian American businesses in Gwinnett to embrace fire safety and prevention programs.

“Many businesses had now realized that the programs not only protect their assets but helps increase the values in the long run,” adds Kim with a broad smile.