Dunwoody, June 30, 2019 — The National Association of Chinese Americans (NACA) hosted a film discussion by documentary film maker Crystal Kwok. The documentary entitled “Chinese Women in the Segregated South” was based on her personal family history living in segregated South.

“Through my documentary, I bring together issues of racism, sexuality, and cultural identity with an Asian American woman’s lens. In my exploration about the Chinese women in the segregated south, I reveal untold stories of the Chinese women trapped within the double patriarchal structure of both Chinese traditions and the racial framework that brought the Chinese over to the south in the first place,” said Kwok who flew in from Honolulu where she currently resides.

Kwok shared her documentary with members and friends of NACA in an exclusive screening of the film.

“I choose the women’s stories because it is deeply personal as I am intrigued by my grandmother’s story, growing up in the south as a teenage Chinese girl,” adds Kwok in her introduction of the film.

Other than Atlanta, she is also conducting advanced screening in Augusta, Georgia and several U.S. cities to seek feedback on the documentary.