Doraville, October 1, 2013 – In a brief survey conducted by Georgia Asian Times, several community service agency in the metro Atlanta area were not able to signup for ‘Obamacare’ Affordable Health Act due to website glitches on the first day of the launch.

In a telephone interview with Peter Yang, Program Coordinator at Center for Pan Asian Community Services (CPACS), Yang revealed that they have not been able to move forward with signup as the website is not working. According to reports, over 12 million Americans tried to log in to the website at a time to signup for the health insurance.

CPACS have 42 certified application counselors working to assist the general public to signup for the afforable health insurance. “It has been tough. We waited over 45 minutes to be able to log in to the website. Hopefully, the system will be working smoothly after a few days,” said Yang.

In a separate call to BPSOS, a community service agency assisting Vietnamese immigrants in Norcross, they also suffered a similar experience. “The site has been down all morning. We have not been able to sign up anyone,” said Anh Nguyen, Program Manager at BPSOS.

BPSOS has one certified ‘navigator’ staff to assist their clients with matters related to Afforadble Health Care insurance program.