Tokyo, Dec 1 — A tiny Tokyo noodle shop joined the ranks of the world’s top restaurants today as it scooped up a star from the respected Michelin Guide.

ramen.tokyoThe food bible gave a nod to nine-seat Tsuta — a first for a ramen eatery — as Tokyo also kept its title as the world’s culinary capital with the most Michelin-starred restaurants.

Ramen is one of the most common fast foods in Japan and small shops serving the soup-and-noodle concoction can be found on almost every corner.

In recent years, the dish’s popularity has exploded with restaurants popping up in major cities around the world, from Hong Kong to New York.

Tsuta — which sells bowls from US$7 to US$9.75 apiece at its shop in the north Tokyo neighborhood of Sugamo — features gourmet offerings such as rosemary-flavored barbecued pork and soy sauce ramen with a hint of porcini mushroom.

“The most important thing is that customers like our ramen,” Takatoshi Itami, one of the restaurant's cooks, said today.

“We have good reviews thanks to them — getting a star was not our priority.”

The guide, released today, listed 27 other Tokyo ramen shops as Bib Gourmand, a notch below its three-tiered star system.

While sophisticated, high-end Japanese restaurants including sushi and tempura venues, are no strangers to Michelin stars, it is rare for casual eateries to receive the award.

The latest Tokyo guide gave its coveted three-star rating to 13 restaurants, with two stars awarded to 51 restaurants and another 153 restaurants receiving one star.