Cupertino, May 7, 2020 – Apple is adding features to its mobile operating system that will help users share vital medical information in emergency situations.

Apple this week released the latest beta version of iOS 13.5 to developers for preliminary testing ahead of the public launch.

A notable update that will be available on the upcoming OS will give users yet another health-oriented feature designed to help them — and first responders — out in the case of medical emergencies.

People who have input information into Medical ID — a feature within the company’s dedicated Health app in which users note information like their blood type, medical conditions, and allergies — will be able to easily send this information to 911 call centers during an emergency.

The transfer of data will be limited to areas that have Enhanced Emergency Data support to ensure such data is shared securely and privately.

iPhones will automatically determine whether an individual is in this type of location and, if so, the medical information will be sent.

Complementing this addition is a feature that allows users to display their Medical ID on their lock screen, so that emergency services won’t need to unlock a device to get access to urgent individual medical information.

iPhone users will gain access to this pair of features sometime over the new few weeks when the OS is released from beta. – Reuters