New York, Nov 17, 2020 – Luxury jewelery brand Tiffany & Co. has rolled out a mahjong set priced at an eye-watering US$15,000.

Bank account permitting, the set comes in the US brand’s signature Tiffany Blue leather case with a grey suede interior and a lock and key closure.

The set comes with 150 mahjong tiles, 120 scoring sticks, 80 money chips to count your winnings, four dice and four tile rests made from American walnut wood.

Not your basic white and green mahjong set, the tiles and scoring sticks in Tiffany’s version features three layers — an American walnut wood base, a Tiffany Blue, black and grey core and a white surface.

Even the set’s four dice are made from sterling silver and dotted with blue enamel.

The item, which is parked under the brand’s ‘Everyday Objects’ category, has an additional leather box to store dice and scoring sticks.

Taking ordinary games to the next level, Tiffany & Co. also has a chess set, poker set and a walnut tic-tac-toe that’s currently sold out.

Not the first luxury mahjong set in the market, Hermes made headlines in August for launching a leather mahjong set that retailed for S$57,200 in Singapore.

Developed during China’s Qing dynasty and remains popular across Asia today, the tile-based strategy game is commonly played by three to four players.