I was recently informed by a close friend that Pattaya Cafe is under new ownership. The restaurant was formerly serving Thai and Indonesian cooking. Pattaya Cafe’s new owners are serving Thai “Issan” and Laotian cuisines on their menu.

With that bit of news, I decided  to venture back to Pattaya Cafe for lunch with a friend. We ordered Pad Kee Mao, Lard Na Moo, Yum Woon Sen, and Tam Mak Huhn (Papaya Salad Lao style).

Yum Woon Sen ($11.95) with shrimp is a fresh and light dish served with glass noodles, red bell peppers, green onions, carrots, cilantros and plenty of lime juice.  The woon-sen has a bit of a kick with Thai chili peppers and lime juice. We enjoyed it as it is fresh and light.

My friend has to reach out for the ice water immediately when she took a bite off the Tam Mak Huhn (Papaya Salad $10.95).  With added spicy pungent crab as ingredient, the papaya salad has a bit of sweet and aromatic flavors to the dish.  We noticed that the papaya salad is freshly cut with tomatoes and cilantros.  This dish is highly addictive and recommended if you can take the heat of the chillis.

IMG_3340Another dish that seems to hit the mark off the bat is Pad Kee Mao Moo ($10.95). Freshly made soft white noodles stir-fried in chili sauce, slices of pork, basil, eggs, bell peppers, jalapeño, onions, and green beans. This dish is as close as to the real thing in Thailand.

My favorite dish over at Pattaya Cafe is the Lard Na Kai ($10.95). The dish comprised of soft white rice noodles cooked with simmering egg-beaten brown gravy and topped with Kai-Lan (Chinese broccoli) vegetables.  Infact, they don’t use regular broccoli in this dish speaks volume of authencity as the original dish is typically served with Kai-Lan.

As dessert, we tried Mango Sticky Rice ($4.95) –  a staple in Thai and Lao.  Sticky rice cooked with sweetened coconut milk and served with ripe sliced mangoes.   This dish is made perfectly to soothe the “burning” mouth from all the spicy chillis.

IMG_3341The deco at Pattaya Cafe is simple and organized neatly.  Service can be overwhelm if you don’t know what you are ordering.  The wait staffs seems a bit impatient as they are swarmed with customers.

I heard this place gets busy on the weekends as Lao families would congregate with friends and families here.

Pattaya Cafe
Thai-Laos Cuisine
3455 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Suite #215
Duluth GA 30096

Tel (678) 878.3117