89 Hot Pot is a new restaurant located at a shopping center next to the Great Wall Supermarket. This place has a soft opening about a month ago and has been receiving rave reviews from customers.

P1050530The decor is contemporary design with dark wood along with comfortable booths. At each table are individually built-in electric stove where cooking temperature could be independently controlled. Ventilation at this restaurant is great – unlike other hotpot restaurants, the smells of your dinner will not stick to your outfit.

89 Hot Pot offers a variety of hot pot meals ranging from “All You Can Eat” ($21.95), Beef ($14.95), Lamb ($15.95, Pork ($13.95), Chicken ($13.95), Seafood ($17.95, and Vegetarian ($11.95).

“All You Can Eat” hot pot meals are limited to two hours dining. There is also a small print on the bottom of its menu warning of food wastage — a surcharge of $10.99 per pound will be imposed on any food leftover not consumed.

Each customer can choose from a variety of soup base for its hot pot ranging from: original flavors, spicy soup base, herbal soup base, congee soup base, tub bone soup base, and double-flavor soup base (aka Ying Yang pot, adds extra $3.99)

Service are prompt and attentive as the wait staffs are constantly moving from table to table.

From my observation, most customers tends to select the “All You Can Eat” hot pot for its value.

“All You Can Eat” hot pot offers a wide selection of meat (slices of fatty beef, fatty lamb, chicken, pork ball, beef tendon ball, beef ball, egg, pork belly, mini sausage, quail eggs, , seafood (fish ball, mussels, clams, razor clam, squid, shrimp with head-ons), and vegetables. You have a large variety of vegetables ranging from lettuce, tofu, spinach, seaweed, lotus roots, tomatoes, watercress, noodles, rice cake, turnip and others to choose.

I am glad to choose the “Ying-Yang” soup base as it gives me a chance to sample the spicy and non-spicy soup base. Be forewarned – the spicy soup base has mini chili peppers balls that would set your mouth on fire!

IMG_2442Customers are encourage to sample the variety of dipping sauces to go with your cooked items. They have a dipping sauce bar where you could choose over a dozen type of sauces — peanut, sesame, sweet bean curd, soy, and etc.

This place is busy during dinner hours especially on the weekends. It opens seven days a week and in business until 2:00 am daily.

I recommend this place in lieu to other hot pot as it serves fresh vegetables and fresh frozen ingredients. The owner is offering a 15% grand opening discounts to customers who visit with a coupon.

89 Hot Pot Restaurant
2180 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite A3
Duluth GA 30096
Tel 770.495.0294

IMG_2440Opens: Daily, 12 noon to 2:00 am