Fumi Hibachi, Sushi and Bar in Duluth offers more than just hibachi. Their menu are large and offers a wide variety of selections. There are selected dishes at this fine establishment that every diners should experience in their visit.

These following dishes are recommendations that we believe you will enjoy.


Fried Oyster ($9)
Deep fried fresh oyster wrapped in Japanese panko and served with a special house sauce. It is light and fluffy and you can taste the freshness of the oyster.

Kasai Popper ($9)
A unique combination of Mexican and Japanese cuisine — where spicy tuna and cream cheese are stuffed into a jalapeño and lightly deep fried with tempura batter. You are certain to eat more than one as this dish will make you crave for more.

Uni-Shot/Sake with Uni ($16)
After these two appetizer dishes, it better to wash down with a shot of sake. However, it is not any ordinary sake shots — it comes with a Japanese caviar known as uni.

Hot Rock Waygu Beef ($16)
Japanese Wagyu beef that you sear yourself on a hot rock at your table. It is served with citrus based yuzu ponzu sauce. A highly recommended dish for its presentation and unique taste.

Hot Rock Scallops ($15)
Instead of Wagyu beef, it is Japanese scallops that are seared on a hot rock to perfection. The dish is accompanied with an orange and “san baizu” sauce that brings out the flavor of seared scallops.



Foie Gras Sushi ($18)
This is not your ordinary sushi roll — a delicious roll stuffed with foie gras and topped with white truffle. It melts like butter in your mouth with a hint of truffle. A signature dish that is uniquely Fumi.

Filet Mignon & Lobster ($31)
A choice cut of filet mignon that is served with a baked lobster on the side. The velvety filet mignon along with buttery lobster are perfect dish to experience your meal in an elegantly designed restaurant.

Fumi has been getting a lot of traction with popular entertainers, film makers, and sports figures. Several NFL, NBAs, and Hollywood actors have been seen at the restaurant regularly since the establishment opened for business last year.

Fumi Hibachi, Sushi & Bar
3550 Mall Blvd.
Duluth GA 30096
Tel (770) 495.8898