Koji Akaboshi
Food & Beverage Director
Four Seasons Hotel, Atlanta

Koji Akaboshi is not your average Food and Beverage Director. For the past seventeen years with the Four Seasons Hotel group, he has traveled the world honing his skills and an eye for professional details at various hotel properties.


Koji started his career upon earning his degree in hotel management from the University of Denver in 1997.

“My first assignment was practical training work at the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui, Hawaii,” said Akaboshi with a smile.gree in hotel management from the University of Denver in 1997.

Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil to Japanese parents, Koji has a natural flair for languages as he speaks fluent Japanese, Spanish, and English.

Koji’s father worked as a senior consultant with Japan International Cooperation Agency, an independent governmental agency that coordinates development assistance for the government of Japan.

“My father’s job is quite interesting. He advised Latin American countries such as Chile and Ecuador to harvest and to develop seafood industry particularly scallops and oysters for economic development,” said Akaboshi.

Upon completion of his practical training, Koji was posted to the Four Seasons Hotel property in Maldives, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, for 18 months assignment.

“It was truly a test for me as a manager — my first official property and I learned a great deal from the experience,” adds Koji.


Koji has been with the Four Seasons Hotel in midtown since July 2012. It was his eighth hotel properties that he managed since joining the hotel group.

Prior to Atlanta, Akaboshi has been posted to Jackson Hole-Wyoming, Miami-Florida, Carmelo-Uruguay, Bahamas, and Sydney-Australia.

“It has been a pleasure for me to learn about the Southern hospitality and culture in Atlanta. Also, I enjoy the diversity of customers that we served at this property,” said Koji.

“I like to innovate and to have fun implementing new ideas in my work. I always like to be ahead of the game.”
Koji empowers and inspire his colleagues at the hotel to think alike.

“A lot of ‘tweaking’ and training are involved with the hotel staffs in making sure everyone is on the same page on delivering exceptional service.”

He also like to ensure that his staff are well equipped with the right tools and support to execute their jobs.

Koji is married to Kaoru, his lovely wife whom he met working together at the Four Seasons in the Maldives.

Both of them enjoys discovering the diverse food scene in metro Atlanta.

“On the weekends, you will find both of us venturing into various ethnic restaurants to try out new cuisine,” said Akaboshi with a grin.

Having being posted around the world, the Akaboshi has developed a certain appreciation for food, drinks, and cultures.

“When we have a craving for a certain type of food that is not available here — I will try to make it in my home kitchen based on recipes sourced from the internet.”

The Akaboshi recently tried their hands on making “Malaysian Laksa” using ingredients bought from local Asian supermarkets.

“It turns out pretty good. It may not taste exactly 100 percent as in Malaysian restaurant — but it brings me joy eating it.”

Koji is enjoying his new surrounding and work life in Atlanta.

“Most importantly, I enjoy meeting new friends and learn from the my experiences here,” he said with pleasure.