Lawrenceville, Dec 30, 2020 – Gwinnett County Government and Georgia Gwinnett College have announced that the two institutions are partnering to operate and staff the new Gwinnett Entrepreneur Center, an incubator for fledgling Gwinnett start-ups and small businesses looking to grow. The 6,718-square-foot center, located in downtown Lawrenceville, is scheduled to open in the spring.

Under the agreement, Gwinnett County will provide the facilities, such as co-working spaces, a training room with technological equipment, conference rooms, a break-room/dining area, outdoor workspace and offices.

GGC will provide instruction and supporting services, such as workshops, coaching, peer learning, connections to customers and capital and market research, plus membership opportunities. The project is being headed by the County’s Office of Economic Development.

The center, located in a renovated former preschool building on Perry Street, will actively recruit business owners from low-to-moderate income households, as well as diverse business owners.

Gwinnett County Chairman Charlotte Nash said it makes sense for the County to collaborate with the GGC School of Business and its Center for Emerging Business and Entrepreneurship.

“A strong and vibrantly connected local economy is a strategic priority for the Board of Commissioners, and the Gwinnett Entrepreneur Center will help give new Gwinnett businesses a better shot at success,” said Board of Commissioners Chairman Charlotte Nash. “Many people have great ideas, but they don’t know how to make them a reality. The County is providing a place where they can temporarily have an office and resources, and GGC can provide the advice and coaching to help new businesses survive the early days when so many struggle.”

“We know that small to medium size businesses drive the economy and this is an important step in supporting those efforts,” said Georgia Gwinnett College President Jann L. Joseph. “We are excited to offer the expertise that GGC has in this area. We have the ability to help grow and support low to middle income business owners as they accumulate the knowledge that will help ensure that they are successful.”