Not Much Love at I Luv Pho 2

“I Luv Pho 2” opens its door for business in April. We waited for a couple of months for the business to stabilize and iron out the grand opening kinks.

The first store on Jimmy Carter Boulevard off Britt Road was a commercial success. Many local Vietnamese dines and introduces their non-Viet friends to the first restaurant.

Although the decor of the second store resembles the first store, nothing else come close to the first store.

The pho comes with much less tasty broth and lower quality meat. The meat is tough and grainy compared to silky smooth sliced filet mignon at the first store.

My friend ordered Mi-Ko which is basically dry egg-noodles with seafood. He requested for a large bowl of soup on the side and repeated a few times to the waiter. By the time, the food arrives, the soup comes in a small bowl.

Service is slow and poor in attention by wait staff. The waiter didn’t make much eye contact nor acknowledged our orders. I have never witnessed such poor service ever offered at a restaurant.

If the operator of the I Luv Pho 2 doesn’t improve the service issue immediately, customers will patronize other restaurants on Pleasant Hill Road.

I Luv Pho 2
4500 Satellite Blvd Ste 1100
Duluth GA 30096
Opens: 24-Hour

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