Pick your own muscadines – a fun and relaxing activity for the family

Looking for something fun and outdoor to do with the family or love ones this coming weekend — consider visiting Sugar Hill Berry Farm, a 23-acre fruit farm located near Murrayville, Georgia.

Muscadines / Photo courtesy: Sugar Hill Berry Farm

Jerry Hill, the owner of Sugar Hill Berry Farm, grows blueberries, muscadines and peaches at its farm. He offers visitors the experience of picking fresh fruits directly from the plant. The farm practices using minimal pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

“The reason we chose to grow muscadines is it’s a healthy fruit, and people who like muscadines, love muscadines,” said Hill. “It’s hard to find a place to pick them, so it’s kind of niche. They don’t ripen uniformly. Some will be ripe and some won’t, so you don’t pick these things by the clump.”

“Muscadines are a native grape in the the South. You will find them on the edge of the woods,” Hill added. “A lot of grapes that you buy in store are grown somewhere else. The health benefits of a muscadine grape are extremely high and it is very tasty.”

The farm has over 300 peach trees and has over 3 acres of muscadines for customers to pick themselves. You will also find variety of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables available for sale at the farm’s country store.

Hill also make its own honey along with jams, jellies, and others available for sale.

“We have about three weeks left in the season for muscadines picking. Now is the best time to pick ‘em as they are ripe and juicy,” adds Hill. Muscadines season typically start from Labor Day weekend until late October.

Peach season normally runs from June 1 until the second week of August.

Sugar Hill Berry Farm has attracted many visitors since Hill opened the farm to visitors about four years ago.

“We have people from different nationalities and countries visiting the farm. I have a world map that visitors would pin their country of origin — it shows folks from all around the world,” said Hill proudly.

Hill was utterly surprised when a large influx of Asian families would visit the farm when the fruit picking seasons are open.

“Asians love muscadines and the sweetness of the fruit. More so, they enjoy coming to the farm with their family for fresh air and connecting with nature,” said Hill with a smile.

“It is also fun to see visitors unplug from their cell phones and electronic game devices. The farm seems to have the magic to do that.”

Sugar Hill Berry Farm

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, Sundays and holidays;
Group weekday U-pick by appointment

Venue: 6646 Jake Kemp Road, Murrayville

Social media: Facebook/Sugar Hill Berry Farm

Contact: 770.540.6952