Lt. Governor Cagle addressed broadband access, opioid epidemic, tax reform, venture capital funding at Gwinnett Chamber luncheon

Duluth, December 14, 2017 — Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, a Georgia Gubernatorial candidate in 2018, delivered the annual legislate update at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Sonesta Gwinnett Place. He addressed topics related to broadband access, opioid addiction epidemic, tax reform and venture capital investment in Georgia.

Lt. Governor Cagle also touched upon several issues for the upcoming legislative session.

“Every year, we have a house-keeping bill that would align our tax code with what the federal government is doing and so this will be, I assume, a very large debate and conversation throughout the session, and I think it’s one that is long overdue,” said Cagle in his remarks on tax reform effort in the State Capitol.

He also addressed that an omnibus bill will be introduced by Sen. Rene Untermann of Buford to tackle the opioid epidemic in Georgia.

He shared with the audience a digital map showing the broadband access coverage in Georgia. It shows that broadband coverage are sparse in the northern, southeast, and eastern part of the state.

Lt. Gov. Cagle revealed that he has a broadband initiative that he plans to roll out during the session.

He proposed for the state of Georgia to invest $100 million for venture capital funding into tech companies under a program called Invest Georgia. Georgia young startups have been losing out due to lack of venture capital funding that are traditionally based in New York, California, and Massachusetts.

“The startups and incubators and all that is going on in Georgia, we truly are the Silicon Valley of the South,” said Cagle.