Hong Kong welcomes Year of Rooster with forum and reception

Atlanta, Feb 16, 2017 — A forum on “Hong Kong’s Future” was organized by Emory University’s East Asia Collective to explore issues and concerns on Hong Kong since the 1997 Handover from the British.

A panel discussion comprising of Steve Barclay, Director of HK Economic Trade Office in New York, Professor Shirley Lin, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Henry Yu, President of Hong Kong Association Atlanta provided insights and update on Hong Kong development since 1997.

Hon. Clement Leung, Hong Kong Commissioner to USA, provided the opening remarks at the Forum.

Steve Barclay, Director of HKETO New York, gave a short introduction about Basic Law and the important concept of “One Country, Two Systems” to an audience of students at Emory University.

Professor Lin delivered an overview on current issues confronting the young demographics population in Hong Kong.

Mr. Yu delivered a quick overview of Hong Kong’s economy and the “One Belt, One Road” project which is intricacy linked with Hong Kong’s economy.

Over 100 guests from Atlanta’s academic, business, and local governments attended a reception at the High Museum of Arts later in the evening.

Hon. Clement Leung, Commissioner of Hong Kong to USA, was the evening’s guest of honor and delivered the welcome address.