Gwinnett’s Tommy Hunter to face public reprimand, says ethics board

Lawrenceville, June 7, 2017 — The Gwinnett County Board of Ethics officially recommends that Gwinnett County Commissioner Tommy Hunter faced public reprimand over his comments about U.S. Rep. John Lewis and Democrats on social media. The Gwinnett Board of Ethics convened and make its recommendation to the Gwinnett Board of Commissioners at Gwinnett Justice and Administration Building.

The possible reprimand is over comments made by Commissioner Hunter on FaceBook including calling Congressman John Lewis a “racist pig” and labelling Democrats as “Democrats” and “Libtards.”

The Gwinnett Board of Commissioners will finalize its decision on Tommy Hunter based on the ethics board’s recommendation at a hearing at 6:30 pm on June 20.

Tommy Hunter committed two violations of the Ethics Code outlined in a filed complaint submitted by Atlanta resident Nancie Turner in early February this year, according to the Ethic Board findings. Hunter was found showing disloyalty to the county and engaging in conduct unbecoming of a commissioner by making the remarks.

“You need to be responsible and accountable for the things that you do and the things that we say,” said Ethics Board member Charles Rousseau. “It’s critically important that that message is delivered. It’s the proverbial throw a rock and hide your hand. We’ve got to stand tall and accept the consequences that sometimes come with it.”

The ethics board also determined that Commissioner Hunter’s remarks provoked protests at county commissioner’s meetings, threatened its relationship with the community at large, and undermined the commission’s leadership authority.