Filming of action thriller at Duluth’s Fumi restaurant

Duluth, Feb 7, 2017 — A film crew and production team commenced filming of an action thriller film in the tradition of “heat” and “The Town” at the restaurant on Monday.

The film “Den of Thieves” is a directorial debut of Christian Gudegast, of “London Has Fallen” , “A Man Apart” is helming an original screenplay based on a story by Gudegast and Paul Scheuring.

Gerard Butler of “Den of Thieves”,  Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson of “Compton”, “War Dogs”, “Spy”, Pablo Schreiber of “13 hours”, “The Manchurian Candidate” are among several lead actors featured in the film, according to press statement.

The film is based on a robbery heist set in Los Angeles and a section of the movie is filmed at a contemporary restaurant setting.

Fumi Hibachi Sushi & Bar restaurant was closed for business on Monday and was reserved exclusively for the film shoot, according to restaurant management.

The film is financed by Diamond Film Production and STX Entertainment.