Ethics complaint filed against Commissioner Hunter for “racist pig” comments

Duluth, Feb 7, 2017 — Gwinnett County Commissioner Tommy Hunter who has been facing public outcry for his resignation over his “racist pig” comment on U.S. Rep. John Lewis on Facebook, is also facing fresh ethics complaint violations.

At a press conference at Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center this afternoon, Attorney Helen Kim Ho and lawyer Christine Anne Koehler revealed that they have filed an ethics complaint on Monday morning on behalf of Ms. Nancie Turner.

The complaint alleges Commissioner Hunter committed three violations of the county’s ethics policy with his Facebook comments, which also included calling Democrats “Demonrats” and “Libtards.”

“Nancie Turner visited Tommy Hunter’s Facebook page after hearing about his ‘racist pig’ comment. There are several examples of inappropriate, unbecoming and partisan comments made by Hunter which she alleges violates provisions of the county ethics code,” said Attorney Ho.

The ethics complaint alleges Hunter had violated Gwinnett County’s ethics code which requires officials to not engage in behavior that breaks public’s trust and to “put loyalty to the highest moral principles and the county – above party line.”

Commissioner Hunter has resisted public outcry for his resignation.

At the press conference, Attorney Helen Kim Ho added, “I think we’re hoping that he will be removed from office.”

“He would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money, and the commissioners as a whole a lot of grief if he had stepped down. As previous commissioners did in 2010, that would be the right thing to do.”

Several Gwinnett residents continue their protest and calls for Hunter to resign at the Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday. Protest signs demanding his resignation were held up whenever Commissioner Hunter spoke at the meeting.