Dragon Boat Fleet at Lake Lanier Grows

L-R: Robyn Lynch, Mimi Collins, Dixie Truelove, Gene Hanratty, Tracy Barth and Jim O’Dell

Gainesville, Oct 14, 2017 — The Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival organization purchases the first of what they hope will be two new Dragon Boats from the 2018 ICF Dragon Boat World Championships at Lake Lanier.

“This purchase would not have been remotely possible without the generous support of the National Association of Chinese Americans (NACA),” said Gene Hanratty, Chairman of the Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival.

“The Chairwoman of NACA, Ms. Lani Wong, made the formal presentation for the purchase of the boat at our Dragon Boat Festival right here at Lake Lanier this past September 9th,” added Hanratty. Ms. Wong was quoted at saying when she made the presentation, “I guarantee that this boat will be fast and will not sink!”

“We are looking to buy one more. We want a fleet of 10 boats so that we can speed up the flow of races at the Festival to accommodate more teams and shorten the race day,” when asked what the future plans are for the fleet of Dragon Boats at Lake Lanier.

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival featured over 80 teams and a crowd estimate of around 8,000 people who were there during the course of the day.

Next year’s Festival is scheduled on Saturday, September 8, 2018. For more information call Gene Hanratty at 404.788.8818 or email gene@dragonboatatlanta.com