David Kim, founder of C2 Education, to run against Rob Woodall in District 7

Duluth, June 8, 2017 – David Kim, the founder of C2 Education, launched his campaign for Georgia’s 7th District against Congressman Rob Woodall.

The son of hardworking Korean immigrants, David is an education expert and entrepreneur who lives in Duluth with his wife MJ, daughter Jacqueline, and son Henry. After starting C2 Education in his college dorm room, David moved his family and company headquarters to Duluth after falling in love with the community and potential of the area.

“I started my business from my college dorm room and grew it into a successful company educating tens of thousands of students and employing thousands,” said David. “We badly need that same commitment to our kids and can-do spirit in Washington.”

“Congressman Woodall has been more interested in partisan purity than getting things done for the people. From healthcare to our budget, he’s been completely ineffective at building consensus or finding common ground. Instead, he’s just been a rubber stamp for an administration gone off-the-rails,” David continued.

The 7th Congressional District is considered a competitive race going into 2018. Fellow Democrat, Jon Ossoff, competes in a close special election in Georgia’s neighboring 6th Congressional District. The two districts have nearly identical partisan makeup in Atlanta’s northern suburbs.

“I’ve been lucky to experience the American dream, and I want to fight to make sure every family and child has that same opportunity,” said David in his campaign launch announcement.