Casey Cagle speaks about his vision for Georgia in meeting with Asian press

Atlanta, Aug 28, 2017 — Lt. Governor Casey Cagle speaks to a group of Chinese American and Asian American journalists at his campaign headquarters for the 2018 Georgia Governorship race. Cagle spent almost an hour detailing his vision and sharing his thoughts on his ambitious plans.

He outlines five key areas which he would focus if elected as the next Governor of Georgia in 2018 election.

“I would lead on tax reform by cutting taxes by $100 million in the first 100 days of my administration. That money is better spent by you, not the government,” explains Cagle.

“My very first initiative as Governor of Georgia is to establish an economic development liaison that will work companies large and small to streamline the permitting process in order for companies to get up and going quickly and later, expand efficiently,” added Cagle.

He also plan to create 500,000 new jobs in his first term as Governor. His plan also involved working with Georgia companies and to ensure that they have the tools they need to grow and expand.

He also plan to travel near and far to recruit new companies to Georgia from around the world. He also plan to position Georgia as the “Silicon Valley of the South” by creating an environment and recruiting capital to make Georgia the best place to start a new business. His vision is to develop Georgia into the “Silicon Valley of the South.”

Cagle spent a bit of time detailing his plans on Georgia’s workforce development. “We have to be ready to compete in the global economy and having the skilled workforce will help us for more economic development growth,” said Cagle.

His vision includes more technical colleges along with post-secondary institutions to provide more technical skills education opportunities to students. “I would like to abandon the concept of one size fits all in education. Every student has the opportunity to choose a path to build a successful career.”

Cagle is in favor of the “German apprenticeship model” where high school sophomore, juniors and seniors are able to partner with companies and learn technical skills through apprenticeship.

Cagle also shared his views on the troubled Affordable Care Act (ACA) “Obamacare”. “There is nothing affordable with the Affordable Care Act – we need to abandon it and let the State design a new product to service the people of Georgia.” He believes a new healthcare model along with new delivery methods are needed to make it work. He also support the idea of “going across state-line” for your healthcare.

He also would like to help Georgia’s middle-class working families by providing an individual $3,000 personal tax exemption. He vouched to implement it during the first 100 days in office.

Cage is also instrumental with the creation of Invest Georgia fund that help to invest in new startups and to create the new technology jobs in Georgia. He help raised $150 million with major partnership with corporations to invest in FinTech, Life & Healthcare Science, and technology startups.

He strong believes that with the right resources, capitals and skilled management — Georgia has the potential capitalize its position as the “Silicon Valley of the South.”

Cagle closes the interview with Asian journalists by stating his proven records in government, political experiences, and having the insights at the State Capitol to be the next Governor of Georgia.