Asian American candidates in the running in local metro elections

Atlanta, Nov 8, 2017 — Several Asian American candidates are still in the runoff elections based on the results from local metro elections on Tuesday.

Most notably is Alex Wan, who is running for President of Atlanta City Council, will face a run off with Felicia Moore on December 5, 2017. Wan garnered 4437 (60.4%) of votes and Moore gained 1845 (24.83%) of the total votes on Tuesday election.

Bee Nguyen earned 4215 votes (39.71%) and Sachin Vargehese collected 3604 (33.95%) votes for the Georgia’s House District 89 seat.  Both are heading to a run-off on Dec 5, 2017.

In a race for a Duluth City Council Post 2 seat in Gwinnett County, Asian American candidate Louis Tseng collected 221 votes. His challengers, Kirkland Carden earned (55%) 881 votes, and Jim Dugan gained 486 votes.

Summary of Nov 7 election involving Asian American candidates:

Duluth: City Council Post 2 –
Kirkland Carden – (55%) 881 votes
Jim Dugan – 486 votes
Louis Tseng – 221 votes

Georgia House District 89
Bee Nguyen (39.71%) 4215
Sachin Vargehese (33.95%) 3604

Atlanta City Council – President
Alex Wan (60.4%) 4437
Felicia Moore (24.83%) 1845

Courtesy: Georgia’s Secretary of State