Chinese Horoscope ~ March

Rabbit (2011 1999 1987 1975 1963 1951 1939 1927 1915 1903)

Your fate has minor improvements, but don’t let other people take advantage of you. It’ll be necessary to control your tongue because this time it’s likely to be too loose. Your present appetite will lead you close to stoutness. A month full of various sorts of annoyances that could transform your love life into a boxing ring and your heart into a punching ball. You’ll go through hesitations and painful moods. This time take your family’s advice into consideration, which you usually don’t do; indeed, their advice is no doubt sensible, especially as far as budgetary questions are concerned.

Dragon (2000 1988 1976 1964 1952 1940 1928 1916 1904)

No matter how organize and well planned are your strategies, there is always something happen unexpectedly. Financially look good for you this month. Your merits will finally be acknowledged and highly rewarded. Creative and research works will be very much favored.

You’re likely to have some clashes in your friendships as well as in your love affairs; sometimes you’ll have the feeling of talking to others as if they were deaf, and you’ll react violently to this.

Refrain from expenses that aren’t planned in your budget.

Snake (2001 1989 1977 1965 1953 1941 1929 1917 1905)

Your talent will be recognized and contracts are rolling in. Watch out for possible injury result from sharp or metal objects. And remember to choose an auspicious day if there is surgery. This time don’t hesitate to take risks and speculate: luck’s going to support you in an insolent way, enabling you to increase your profits substantially. Be careful of your skin-deep sensitivity, which will make you react in an instinctive and thoughtless manner. You’ll be able to live a dazzling adventure with your soul mate. Not reasonable for two pennies, you’ll most likely upset the balance of your budget, precisely because you won’t be a penny short; in fact, you’ll have a tendency to live above your means.

Horse (2002 1990 1978 1966 1954 1942 1930 1918 1906)

There is increase in reputation and fortune. Be patient in working our family matters. You’ll put a final touch to a long-term work, or you’ll see one of your most important ambitions achieved. The most difficult family problems will come to an end. You’ll realize that the turn of events primarily depends on your state of mind and the way you adapt yourself. You’ll take decisions in conformity with your true advantages; concerning financial questions, take your past experiences into account. Good month in gambling.

Ram (2003 1991 1979 1967 1955 1943 1931 1919 1907)

This is Three Harmonies month. Money will be coming in steady, but it does not mean that you do not have to work hard. It will be in your interest to act with the greatest honesty towards yourself and not let yourself be invaded by those close people who sometimes are only self-interested. Many friendly contacts and new ideas will stimulate your mind and energy.

Don’t undertake any far-searching project this time and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

This astral environment will have the finest effect on your physical appearance; you’ll please, you’ll want to charm: all necessary ingredients will be there to favor a sensational encounter!

Monkey (2004 1992 1980 1968 1956 1944 1932 1920 1908)

Promotion and a raise in salary are in store for you. Be fair and generous in working with people. Give your partner credit for the success of your business. Work wise, you will no longer be fearful of obstacles and you’ll take up impressive challenges. If you’re invited to a marriage or family party, don’t decline: you’ll make an enthralling encounter there. To preserve or recover your physical fitness, practice exercises without forcing yourself, and cut down on your food quantity. Be wary of your spending inclination.

Rooster (2005 1993 1981 1969 1957 1945 1933 1921 1909)

There are lots of helpful people around you. Take their advise in investments as it will benefit your pocket book. Your professional activity will be feverish, and it’ll be necessary to coordinate things in the most logical possible way. The cosmic influxes could wake up an unusual ardor in you that’ll make you fall in love too easily. At home, you’ll show yourself much more expansive than usual; the atmosphere will be very merry. Nervousness and anxiety will invade you.

Dog (2006 1994 1982 1970 1958 1946 1934 1922 1910)

Busy month for you with a lot of social gathering and meeting with a interesting people that will benefit you later on. You’ll lack rigor as well as patience, and will be tempted to abandon certain projects that are still underway. Taking your current lack of common sense into account, one wouldn’t be surprised seeing you stuck up to the neck with sentimental tensions and complications. By all means avoid overworking yourself. Some of your close relations will find you dogmatic, authoritative, and pedantic; there’s nothing surprising about that because you’ll be inclined to be very affirmative and to lavish your counsels without anyone asking for them.

Pig (2007 1995 1983 1971 1959 1947 1935 1923 1911)

This is always someone out there waiting for you to make a mistake. Friendship is extremely important to you this month. Carefully avoid delicate subjects of conversation such as religion or politics, otherwise watch out for disputes! The moment will be positive to ask for a pay raise or to try to get a promotion. Very satisfactory health, but under the condition of being moderate in food and sexual matters. Changing your physical appearance may increase your prestige and give you back your self-confidence.

Rat (2008 1996 1984 1972 1960 1948 1936 1924 1912)

The star of leadership is shining upon you. Fully utilize your ability to control situations and you will receive a high return. It’ll be the moment to establish a program of savings in order to prevent week-ends from continually turning into nightmares. Don’t bury yourself in your hideaway, go out to meet other people: that will boost up your morale and will open unsuspected horizons to you. It would be about time to take more serious care of your children, to share in their worries and projects; thus the emotional ties will be tightened and lead to real complicity.

Ox (2009 1997 1985 1973 1961 1949 1937 1925 1913)

Pay attention to every detail of your work, don’t allow it to have any missing link. You have to learn how to budget yourself. Accept the precious advice from your family’s circle instead of being obstinate. Don’t do anything unusual for the moment at your work because nothing positive will come out of it for you. You’ll often ask yourself anguishing questions about life, death, and the beyond. Certain natives will be assailed by almost irresistible erotic phantasms.

It’ll be the moment to go discovering, to widen your horizons; you must follow up your new friendly relationships, which are going to enrich you intellectually.

Tiger (2010 1998 1986 1974 1962 1950 1938 1926 1914)

You are given lots of opportunities to express your leadership. You can only enhance your achievement in a group. One won’t fail telling you cock-and-bull stories so as to influence and exploit you. Don’t be too credulous, especially if someone asks you for a helping hand or for a loan. At work, delays and annoyances will get on your nerves; nevertheless try to control yourself. Differences of opinion with one of your best friends.

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