QUAN BA 9 ~ Best Kept Secret on Buford Highway

Quan Ba 9 is a mom and pop, hole in one restaurant located on Buford Highway. Situated opposite the road across from the more elegant Chateau Saigon restaurant and located next to an auto transmission shop. You will miss this place as the restaurant is located in a non-descriptive shopping strip.

Named after the owner’s mother who happens to be known as “Mrs. Nine”. Vietnamese are known to have large families and she is the ninth child in the family.

Quan Ba 9 offers authentic homestyle Vietnamese flavors – many of its dishes conjured up to street food cooking in Vietnam.

You must try the chicken wings (Chim Gut Roti/$15.00) as appetizers. It is sweet and spicy glazed with a light touch of honey. This appetizer is perfect with a glass of beer.

Another popular dish is the Mango Salad (Goi Xoai/$5.50). The salad dressing is lightly sweetened and goes well with the tangy mango strips.

Grilled Squid with Lemon Grass and Peppers (Muc Nuong Sa Ot/$15.00) is another must try dish.

Viets that regularly dine at this restaurant swears by a common fact — its best dish is Seafood Noodle (Bun Mam / $8.95). The broth of the dish has a light savory tamarind taste similar to asam laksa (popular Malaysian dish).

You will find large chunks of fish fillets along with shrimps, roast pork, squid and egg plant. White rice noodles are used in this dish. It has quite a different texture compared to the pho noodles.

Finished off your meal with an order of Vietnamese ice coffee (ca phe sua da). Strong licorized coffee served in ice and condensed milk.

You will find the service at Quan Ba 9 to be fast and friendly. Their only waiter named Quyen “Queen” will help explain the dishes if you’re a newcomer to the restaurant.

Overall, Quan Ba 9 stands on its own merit and quality. It is competing for customers within the half mile vicinity of Chateau Saigon, Nam Phuong, Lees Bakery, and Dai Loi.

The place has a cozy and casual atmosphere. Although the place is small, it has a strong following of young Vietnamese and families.

Quan Ba 9
4285 Buford Highway #A2
Atlanta GA 30345
Tel 404.636.2999
Sunday-Thurs: 10 am – 10 pm
Fri-Sat: 10 am – 11 pm

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