EeRecipe ~ Tasty Rice Crepes Revolution

“Cheong fun” is a popular crepes-like rice roll noodles served for breakfast or a dim sum dish. In Hong Kong, you would have it as shrimp or BBQ pork “cheong fun” for breakfast. The rice noodles also known as “chee cheong fun” in Malaysia and Singapore, served with sweet black soy sauce and chili. In Vietnam, “Banh cuon” is mostly eaten for breakfast.

EeRecipe, a new restaurant recently opened in Duluth, serving a variety of “cheong fun” or steamed rice noodle rolls. This place have attracted a stream of regular customers with their unique style and choices of steamed rice rolls.

Two common Cantonese words are typically used to describe a well-made rice noodle roll: “Heong” means aroma and “Whaat” meaning smooth or slippery. The noodle doesn’t have much taste but the filling or sauce accompanies the rice noodles would enhance the taste. EeRecipe easily accomplished the aroma and smooth benchmarks with its rice noodles.

Unlike the traditional offerings of shrimp or BBQ pork with rice noodles, EeRecipe offers a wide selection ranging from exotic to the basics including abalone and chicken soup to chives and dried shrimp.

There are several “must-try” signature dishes including their popular Pan Fried House Special Rice Crepes ($5.77). This dish resembles the famous Penang “Char Kway Teow” dish. Served with slices of Chinese pork sausages, fresh crunchy bean sprouts, green onions, and eggs. The soft and succulent noodles absorbs the soy sauce and egg flavors well. This dish is the best seller on the menu, according to the waiter.

Another signature dish to partake is Satay Rice Crepes ($4.77). The sweet sauce and crunchy peanut toppings goes well with the freshly steamed rice rolls. The satay rice rolls are cut into smaller bite size chunks that are easy to eat.

The restaurant offers a version of curry rice noodles ($5.77) that is the best in town. The curry broth served with fresh tofu cake and fish balls has a perfect balance with the soft noodles. This dish is not for the faint-hearted as the curry oil on the dish would resemble to amateurs foodie a layer of engine oil.

A highly recommended dish is the Rice Crepes Shrimp Soup ($6.77). It resembled the popular “Hae Mee” or “Prawn Noodles” – a popular dish in Penang, Malaysia. The key ingredient of the dish is the bold flavored shrimp broth. Served with spongy fish balls, fried shallot toppings, and freshly grind shrimp paste made this dish irresistible.

The restaurant was opened for business a month ago by B.H. Khoh. He brought many influences and flavors in his cookings from his childhood days in Penang, Malaysia.

“I would regard this restaurant as my third child. I’ve put in my soul and passion into starting this restaurant,” said Khoh, who has two young children.

Service is fast and attentive. Consult with the wait staff and they will recommend the dishes that may fit to your taste.

This restaurant has a comfortable space and seatings. Most importantly, prices of entrees are cheap ranging from $2.77 to $6.77.

With the current economy, EeRecipe offers quality and tasty food at reasonable prices that fits most budget.

EeRecipe ~ Rice Crepes House
2645 North Berkeley Lake Road
Ste 129
Duluth, GA 30096
Tel (770) 497-3393

Business Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Closed on Monday

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