SAUPO Conference attracts strong global interest

Atlanta, April 15, 2017 — Kennesaw State University hosted its annual business conference widely known as SAUPO (Symposium on USA-Asia Partnership Opportunities) at Loews Atlanta Hotel.

Over 350 attendees including participants from US, China, Japan, Korea, India and Europe networked and engaged in topics ranging from global branding to digital economy, technology and innovation, healthcare in 21st century, future of entertainment and media, and global trends in education.

Sam Olens, President of Kennesaw State University delivered the luncheon keynote address. It was followed by another keynote speech by Stan Shengqi Wang, Managing Partner of Tenfunder Investment Group (China), a venture investment fund.

Martin Judge, Jr., Chairman and founder of China Arena Football League (CAFL) shared insights on his sports venture and league startup in China. Along with Edward Wang, a former NFL player, he shared investment, franchise opportunities, and becoming a stakeholder in the CAFL.

“In China all sports leagues are owned in part by the government. Mine is the only league that is owned 100 percent by an individual and I’m selling it to Chinese investors and the government sponsors it, they don’t own it. They love what I’ve done,” he added.

SAUPO will be hosting another conference later in October 19-21, 2017 in Shanghai, China, according to Dr. May Gao, Chair of SAUPO.

“We are proud of the strong interest shown by our attendees, supporters, and sponsors. The event is becoming larger every year thanks to the support shown by them,” adds Dr. Gao.

SAUPO has grown in reputation since its inception and branded itself as the largest business conference in Asia in USA.

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