“Lao Fu Zi” Master Q creator dies

Hong Kong, Jan 3, 2017 — The comic artist behind the beloved Lao Fu Zi comic series, also known as Old Master Q in the western world, has died, according to the Apple Daily and NetEase websites.

Alfonso Wong Kar Hei died from organ failure on New Year’s Day in the United States, said a statement from OMQ Comics — the company that promotes the popular comic series.

“Lao Fu Zi comics were Alfonso Wong’s life,” the statement read. “He loved life. With his humorous style, he unfolded Lao Fu Zi’s story, accompanying generations of readers.”

Fans from Hong Kong and other countries such as Malaysia and Singapore grew up reading the comic, which featured a cast starring the mischievous elderly Old Master Q and his side-kick, a bespectacled man dressed in traditional Chinese attire known as ‘Big Potato’.